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22 E Galloway Drive, Hillsdale, MI 49242

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On view now until May 15 are student-curated exhibitions that highlight treasures from Hillsdale's own archive. Tyler Conrad spotlights the Hillsdale Victory, one of 150 Merchant Marine ships named after an American college or university. Patricia Fernandez brings to life the world of courageous, young Civil War soldiers and their gritty quotidian experiences. Ethan Hoornstra explores the remarkable diversity and enigmatic nature of ancient Chinese currency. Andrew Klare highlights Hillsdale’s literary society, Alpha Kappa Phi, and the civil war monument outside of Central Hall. Jonathan Popa examines the Paris Peace Conference and its economic impact on Germany following the First World War. Please support our museum studies students and stop by. To gain access to the Hoynak Archive Center, inquire at the desk in the hotel lobby.